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Welding in 2-second cycles

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Conntronic 4-position turntable
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Production times need to be reduced and costs must be lowered.
conntronic has responded to this request from our customers with the concept of a rapid turntable system.
2-second cycle times per component have already been implemented.

The machine is based on a 4-position turntable with the following stations.
Insertion of the basic part - addition of the second part - welding by means of resistance technology - discharge of the finished part. The components can be fed manually or automatically depending on the application, component complexity and planned budget.

The welding process can be performed by means of CD technology (= capacitor discharge) or MF technology (medium frequency).
The basic component should move within the framework of an A4 sheet. The second part is usually a nut, screw or small plate. Resistance welding is carried out in a single stroke.

The welding station is equipped with two cylinders operating in parallel in order to achieve short cycle times; these are driven by a servomotor or pneumatically. Typical components are nuts on reinforcing plates. A sample system configuration is described below

Station 1. Manual insertion of two reinforcing plates. Protection of the worker by means of a light curtain.

Station 2. Automatic feeding of welding nuts by means of robots. The correct position is queried here.

Station 3. Welding of the nuts - with CD technology in this case. Two cylinders operate in parallel.

Station 4. Ejection of the finished parts onto a discharge belt and from there into pallet cages.

The basic machine consists of a platform, turntable and basic welding machine with two cylinders in this concept. All additional requirements can be adapted to the customer's application.


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